WEEK 1 – 25/1 to 31/1
Good Morning Brew Crew,

Welcome to Zero 9’s Client Portal.!

Through the portal you will have private access to your own profile that keeps you up to date with all works that are happening on site.

We understand you are on site very frequently and will be able see this all unfolding first hand but the Portal is a great way to share the process of the job with friends and family or as a reference in regards to tracking the job.

With a full week under our belt the boys were able to rip right in and lay the foundations for some landmarks happening wth the build this week.

Jobs Completed This Week:

– Site Slab Scanning/Profiling
– Slab Cut
– Excavation of footing holes
– Steel reinforcement installation
– Electrical underground prep

This week the team will be aiming to complete the following tasks:

– Pouring all footings and set of all concrete.
– Engineers advice to let all concrete set until clearance is given to continue any further work on site.